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Mailing address

Royal Netherlands Navy Yacht Club
Postbus 307
1780 AH Den Helder
The Netherlands

Visiting address

Bevesierweg Harssens Schiereiland Den Helder
The Netherlands
Telefone: +31(0)223-652645

The Harssens Peninsula, and therefore the marina of the RNNYC, formally is a defense site with guarded and controlled access. Under normal circumstances, pedestrians can enter and leave freely. Access is closed for cars, unless one is in the possession of a valid access card. You will be able to communicate with the security personnel at the gate. Authorised guests can borrow a temporary pass at the harbor master. Inspections may take place. Make sure you carry a valid ID.

In case the security level is increased the gates will also be closed for pedestrians. Please contact the security staff at the gate if you find yourself locked out.


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